Dijacy Abreu Jr

Dijacy Abreu Jr

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First Name * Dijacy
Last Name * Abreu Jr
Username * Dija
Country * Brazil
City Natal
Nationality Brazilian
Languages EnglishPortuguese


Current Position Artist;Lighter;Matte Painter;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise ArchitectureGames ComputerGames ConsoleHardware ElectronicInterior Design
Preferred Tools ModelingLightingTexturingDesign3ds maxAutoCADPhoto-PaintPhotoshopVRay


Availability: Freelance
Website dijahh.wix.com/portfolio3d


Currently I make architectural visualization at the city I live (I have a bachelor's degree in architecture), I also have a strong CAD knowledge, but my passion is making 3d environments and archviz, especially the ones which involve nature.

I have made some work just for hobby, to train and challenge myself and I have won several awards including publications in Ballistic media's Expose series of books and 3ds max Nine Bible, published by Willey (please refer to my attached CV/portfolio for further details). I'm a hard-working, self-trained in 3d, fast learner and with a strong ability to overcome problems with the tools at my disposal. What I don’t Know I seek out to learn in order to accomplish a task. I am willing to relocate to another city or country and experience new job opportunities because I love to learn new things and face new challenges.

You can refer to my website, YouTube or VIMEO or take a look at the attached pdf.

You can also see my CV and portfolio at this adress: http://issuu.com/dijahabreujunior/docs/dijah_abreu_junior_-_portfoliocurriculum7b


YouTube videos:


VIMEO videos:


My Tumblr (photographs):


Additional information on my CV/portfolio. If I can provide you with any further information on my background, please let me know.


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